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What will happen when a teacher who thinks of himself as a liberal meets a student with unusually conservative ideals.

David Mamet (1947) is thought of as one of the classical writers of American drama in the same league as E. O’Neil, T. Williams, A. Miller, E. Albee and S. Shepard. Harold Pinter described him as one of the best living playwrights. Mamet is described as the playwrights of the theatre of the absurd just like Beckett and Pinter. Together with Shepard, Mamet’s work is part of the post-war dramas. Mamet’s work intertwines themes of manipulation, the egoistic fight for power, crises of communication and challenges of misunderstandings.

Everyone is entitled to education. But does everyone need to go to university? And what if not everyone is capable to learn at a higher level? What will happen when a teacher who thinks of himself as a liberal meets a student with an unusually conservative ideas?

Playwright: David Mamet
Translation: Alexandra Rubpeldtová
Edit: Renata Jurčová
Directors: Renata Jurčová, Štefan Jurča, Marína Urbanová
Actors: Štefan Jurča, Renata Jurčová
Engineers: Roman Mihálka, Peter Szutányi, Marína Urbanová, Nina Pompošová

Technical requirements

  • Performance area with an eyelet no less than 5m x 5m
  • Lighting linked, one spotlight 500, underlight 1000 (or at least 500)
  • Music: CD player

More detailed information

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