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Movement-based, interactive performance amongst a crowd. This piece is based mainly around improvisation and situational comedy of two main characters - the workmen.


  • Interactive, improvisational animation
  • Approximately 60 minutes long (dependant on prior arrangement)
  • Performed outside (markets, festivals, exhibitions, town fairs etc.) or inside
  • Piece can be adjusted to a non-standard setting through prior agreement

The Workmen are pushing a huge wheelbarrow of props around. People are stopping them, showing them where to go so they find the right path. They need help with a huge poster. Will they learn how to behave in the park or at the theatre? Will they know how or when to laugh at a joke in the right way, or when to be sad when there’s drama or tragedy?

At Christmas time they help out with Christmas preparations and show people how to set up a Christmas tree in the square and how to decorate it. They even sing a Christmas carol. Sometimes though, they use their mega wheelbarrow as a taxi. Children like this as they can have a ride in it.

Technical requirements

  • Dry, straight terrain, good for stilts
  • Parking close to the performance space

More detailed information

Are you interested in a performance?

Adrián Ohrádka
+421 905 129 475

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