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Non-verbal comedy performance mixed with miming and buffoonery.


  • Non-verbal performance aimed at audience aged 15 years old and over
  • Approximately 60 minutes long
  • Can be adjusted as a shorter version of 10 to 30 minutes for set programmes
  • Can be performed outside or inside

This non-verbal comedy performance with elements of pantomime, mime and comedy is inspired by an ordinary day,just like the everyday wait at the bus station. The sound effects are produced on-stage, which adds to the interactivity and greater comical effects. During the performance, members of the audience become co-creators of this interactive comedy show.

A man is watching that nervous, hurry, hustle and bustle activity of everyday life. He missed his last connection and the next one seems to take forever. What should he do with his time? What to do with this never-ending waiting? The story looks at an unplanned wait on the outskirts of town, which with a bit of imagination could be comical. This Stop is more than just ordinary. It is a real pause amongst everyday life, so pause with us.

This production connects to the performance called Žurnál (Journal) which was awarded Zlatý gunár award at the International Festival of Humour and Satire Kremnické gagy 2005.

It was a popular performance at the Arts Festival Port Moody in Vancouver, Canada in September 2012.

Original idea, screenplay and director: Adrián Ohrádka
Actor: Adrián Ohrádka

Technical requirements

  • Performance area no smaller than 5m x 4m with an easy access to the podium (for effortless interaction with the audience), adjustments to non-traditional theatre venues are possible with prior agreement.
  • Standard stage lighting from the front and the top of the podium without any

complicated lighting effects.

  • Standard microphone and a stand, traditional sound effects to accommodate CD or USB plus sound checks with the technician prior to the performance.
  • Preparation: set up time 30 minutes plus sound check 15 minutes, pack up time 15 minute.

More detailed information

Are you interested in a performance?

Adrián Ohrádka
+421 905 129 475

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