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News Presenters

Two unconventional news presenters step out on the stage with a fresh delivery of some celebratory news.

The performance of these two presenters takes on characteristics of freedom, informality, and of course, a huge dollop of humour. Their play on dialogue is enriched with banter and comical elements, with feelings of cabaret and audience interaction aimed at adults and children alike. Audience participation will complement unpredictable and unplanned pauses between various parts of the programme.

Themed costumes are part of this performance, even those oversized costumes which incorporate stilts.This flexibility and variety of costumes allows us to adjust to any type of project.

Technical requirements

  • Two quality freehand microphones (two microphones with stands, or one with a stand and one without)

More detailed information

Are you interested in a performance?

Adrián Ohrádka
+421 905 129 475

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