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Clown - The Musician

A non-verbal performance about a clown named Adyno who left the circus to follow his dream of becoming a world famous musical virtuoso.


  • A family orientated, non-verbal performance for children up to the age of 7 and their parents
  • Approximately 45 minutes long (a shortened version of 10 to 15 minutes could be negotiated for set programs
  • Can be performed outside or inside

Audiences will be surprised by Clown Adyno's juggling skills with a comical twist.

This trickster juggles with a whole array of peculiar things that aren’t traditionally used for juggling. One of the props Adyno uses is a rolling pin and board, which he balances on. Audiences engage really easily with the performance due to his tricks. Communication comes through gesture, expression and movement.

This production of ‘Clown – The Musician’ was created through exploration of non-verbal, movement-based, performance directly connected to previous experience in theatre, comedy and miming.

Production, screenplay and dire: Adrián Ohrádka
Actor: Adrián Ohrádka

Technical requirements

  • Performance area no smaller than 4m x 4m with an easy access to the podium (for effortless interaction with the audience), adjustments to a non-traditional theatre venue are possible with prior agreement.
  • Standard stage lighting from the front and the top of the podium without any

complicated lighting effects.

  • Standard microphone and a stand, traditional sound effects to accommodate CD or USB plus sound checks with the technician prior to the performance.
  • Two traditional coat stands.
  • Preparation: set up time 30 to 60 minutes, pack up time 10 minutes.

More detailed information

Are you interested in a performance?

Adrián Ohrádka
+421 905 129 475

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