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Pork Scratching and Crumb

Fright School - story number 1. Interactive performance with music and comedy.

In a tiny town, in an old cinema, in between forgotten posters and faded film live two mice – friends Pork Scratching and Crumb. Every day, they are up to something funny and witty. Today, they have a surprise for you, so sit as quietly as a mouse and watch.

You’ll learn something new with these two mice and I’m sure you’ll have lots of fun too.

…but what has happened? They don’t really feel like coming out. You can barely see their tales. Are they scared? Oh…of course! It’s because of Bonifác, the cat. He is enemy number one of all the mice in the land! He would be so happy to gobble them up.

So here comes our two unlikely heroes, Pork Scratching and Crumb, who will in their remarkable Fright School teach you about scary things around us and how not to be afraid.

Face your fear!


  • For pre school children up to 7 years old
  • Approximately 60 minutes long

Original idea and screenplay: Roman Mihálka
Music: Rasťo Dobrovolný, Anton Jánošík a Roman Mihálka
Director and Screenwright: Roman Mihálka a Peter Szutyányi
Costumes: Henrieta Hucmanová
Actors: Roman Mihálka / Oškvarok, Peter Szutyányi / Omrvinka

Technical requirements

  • Electric point 230 V
  • Performance area no smaller than 4m x 3m

More detailed information

Are you interested in a performance?

Roman Mihálka
+421 905 911 943

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