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Piglet PiGi and his Adventures

Comedy about unworldly help, friendship, but above all everlasting great fun.

…who is disturbing us? Where is that banging coming from? Oh look, a little piggy! All sweaty and out of breath with fear in his eyes…could he have run away from a story? But why? I wonder if he’s running away from the story where he will be gobbled up by the wolf. Could he be looking for a happy ending where he’ll end up living the dream without any worries?

He’s running away as fast as the flying eagles above his head until he runs into a storyhouse. Here he meets a writer and asks if he could write him into a nicer story, the one without a wolf. He would like a story where he could be free to run around, squeal, play in the mud, eat a lot, sleep and dance. Do you think the writer will be able to write better story? Will the piglet PiGi’s story have a happy ending? Join us and find out. You may be able to come up with an even better story for PiGi, the one that nobody else has written yet.

Come along and meet princesses, kings, dwarfs, a dragon and a witch plus many more characters from well-known stories. But don’t fret, because the goodness always wins and the bell will ring out a happy song.


  • Family friendly performance aimed at preschool age children
  • Approximately 60 minutes long

Director and screenplay: Roman Mihálka
Actors: Roman Mihálka, Peter Szutyányi
Design collaboration: Aďa Andrea Harmadyová, Alena Gajdošová ALDOX Levice

Technical requirements

  • Electric point 230 V
  • Performance area no smaller than 4 × 3 metres

More detailed information

Are you interested in a performance?

Roman Mihálka
+421 905 911 943

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