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Knight’s story

Honourable ladies and gentlemen, dames and sirs, listen up: Teáter Komika brings you wonderful stories, so if you want to find out more... Come closer, because we will soon start…


  • Suitable for all ages
  • Approximately 60 minutes long
  • Can be performed outside or inside (traditional markets, festivals, castle grounds etc)

A traditional theatre performance about a knight looking for his very own good luck. He’s on the ricketty path which leads him to the castle, where a beautiful princess lives. To be in her favour, he’ll need to use his wit, valour and bravery in the Knights Tournament. Will he be lucky enough to do it? Find out for yourselves.

Just as in years long gone, the actors from Teáter Komika stroll from one place to another with their theatre props. They always bring their wooden ‘riksa’ to the castle grounds, traditional markets or special knights celebrations.

Performances of two wondering comedians are intertwined with comedy, magic and light acrobatics. Actors Adrián Ohrádka and Roman Mihálka keep the audience interested through juggling, interactive games to promote audience participation and unexpected jokes.

Actors: Adrián Ohrádka a Roman Mihálka
Costume: Alexandra Stanková, Alena Trungelová
Stage Design: Adrián Ohrádka, Roman Mihálka, Marek Vnučko
Music: Roman Mihálka, Adrián Ohrádka
Design collabora: Alexandra Stanková, Dagmar Janišová
Directors: Roman Mihálka a Adrián Ohrádka

Technical requirements

  • Performance area no smaller than 5m x 5m with an easy access to the podium (for effortless interaction with the audience), adjustments to non-traditional theatre venue are possible with prior agreement.
  • Standard stage lighting from the front and the top of the podium without any

complicated lighting effects.

  • Sound: Two headset microphones and a stand plus sound checks with the technician prior to the performance.
  • Preparation: set up time 30 minutes, pack up time 15 minutes.

More detailed information

Are you interested in a performance?

Adrián Ohrádka
+421 905 129 475

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