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The Water of Life

Non-traditional retelling of a story by the Brothers Grimm "Water’s flowing here and there, oh joy oh joy, without it there’s no life, oh joy oh joy."


  • Family friendly performance aimed at preschool age children (5+)
  • Can be performed outside or inside
  • Approximately 70 minutes long
  • Suitable for primary school children up to the age of 7

There are many temptations in life. Brothers Juraj and Martin found that too. Only a persistent, hard-working person with a loving heart and desire to help others can withstand bad temptations. Does Fib have a leg to stand on? Is the water of life with all its magical properties real? Come and find out for yourself.

„Hear ye, hear ye, I was there, Father’s home ill without care, Hear ye, hear ye, come closer now This story is about to start.“

After numerous performances at markets, modern stories, comedies and buffoonery, Teáter Komika have picked a classic theme – using folk subtones it has reinvented a story by the Brothers Grimm. Lifesize puppets are the main stars of this performance. This play has a comical theme and is intertwined with jokes and humorous situations. Parents will enjoy this too, even though the story is aimed at children.

„Cart is rattling here and there, carrying stories…“

„And watch out, as the devil never sleeps!“

Original idea and screenplay: Adrián Ohrádka
Playwright and director: Teáter Komika team
Actors: Roman Mihálka, Adrián Ohrádka, Peter Szutyányi
Artwork, stage design and costume design: Terézia Mojžišová
Manufacture of costumes: Henrieta Hucmanová, Soňa Bandová
Set and props: Marek Vnučko and Teáter Komika team

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